Former PM nicknamed 'Fist' wins Mongolia presidential election | AFP

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Πριν 13 ημέρες

Mongolia's former prime minister declared victory Thursday in a Covid-hit presidential election, as voters turned out in historically low numbers for the third election in two years. In the country's grasslands, some react with joy, while others are less appreciative of the results.

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The OBAMA Πριν 23 ώρες
Myagmarjav Batsaikhan
Myagmarjav Batsaikhan Πριν 4 ημέρες
Now that Mongolian election is discussed here, I would like to inform people about the overall election process and the misuse of resources of our nation Mongolia. To start with, most Mongolians get the news from social media, where there are many fake news generated by the political parties and by individuals who wants to go viral. As the regulations against fake accounts and fake news on Facebook is limited, political parties, especially the powerful ones, are taking advantage of it by hiring people to run those fake accounts that eagerly supports the election candidates. This year’s election was special because we as the young generation could address this problem and helped people to identify fake news and the trolls (we call the fake accounts so). However, the unjust and uneducated has been elected with lots of corruptions and crimes. The parliament of Mongolia is dominated by the Mongolian People’s Party. Therefore most of the leaders in the implementing agency seem to be assigned based on the membership of the Mongolian People’s Party but not based on their skills and eligibilities. This causes tons of problems because many unskilled people are hired in higher position and they only support the deeds of their party or else they simply get fired and probably will not be hired again. I personally hate to see my country deteriorate so rapidly in front of me. I am truly ashamed of the fact that my country officials made irresponsible decisions towards covid situation. We were given a good amount of help and donations from other countries but the money is unfortunately not used for the good of the Mongolians but for empowerment of the party or for politicians’ greed. All the donations coming in are consumed inefficiently or are simply stolen by the people in charge. I didn’t want to talk bad about my country but I am really dissatisfied by the work of my government. But this should be talked as it is the reality here in Mongolia. I just want the right people to have the political power. We need the #RIGHTPERSON #ЗӨВХҮН
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